Nigeria Facing Insecurity Everywhere – UK Reacts To Call For Break-up

British High Commissioner to Nigeria Catriona Laing has expressed concern over the country’s deteriorating security situation, pledging that the UK government is keen on helping Nigeria win its fight against insecurity.

“We are extremely concerned about the deteriorating security situation.

“I mean, Nigeria is facing a lot of problems everywhere – in the North-East, terrorism; in the North-West, banditry, kidnapping; in the Middle Belt, the farmers-herders conflict; in the South, the Niger Delta conflict everywhere.

“And the secession movements in the South-East. So, Nigeria is really struggling,” Ms Liang noted.

Catriona Laing added that the UK government has been helping the Nigerian military in training, campaign planning, and how to counter IEDs.

“Well, we are here to support and help. We have the military team here, who came here after the Chibok girls were kidnapped, actually. We are still here, training the Nigerian military, helping them to do campaign planning, how to counter IEDs,” explained Ms Laing.

The British diplomat also urged President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to be more surgical about the support they needed from the UK and what the UK can offer.

“So, we are here for the long time. This is a Nigerian partnership. Your insecurity becomes our insecurity if we don’t help you tackle it. So, we are here, and we are trying to do our best to support you,” the envoy stated.

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