Fulani Herdsmen Shoot Dead Two Hunters, Macheted Three Others In Oyo

Some armed Fulani herdsmen have reportedly killed two hunters in a bush in the Ogboro area of Oyo state. 

A source, Mutiu Adetoro, according to SaharaReporters, said that the hunters were returning from their hunting area last Tuesday when they were attacked by the fulani herders and shot dead. 

Adetoro said the fulani herders also assaulted three men with machetes at Igbo-Ora in Saki, Oke Ogun area of the state in another bush on Sunday.

He stated that a friend of his was affected and could lose an arm to the attack.

“Last Tuesday, the herders shot two hunters to death in a bush at Ogboro in Oyo state here. They were coming back from a hunt when they met their untimely death. We knew that herders did it but they had already fled the scene before people got there.

“On Sunday again, they just randomly attacked three men at Igbo-Ora in Saki. Though they didn’t shoot those ones, they will forever live with the memory of the attack. A family friend was among them. The herders cut his arm with a machete and he sustained a serious head injury. His family had to immediately rush him to the Benin Republic for treatment because they don’t even know which place is safe in this country anymore. 

“Right now, we suspect that the arm will be cut off but if he is lucky, the doctors will save the arm. Herders are everywhere wreaking havoc, we are not safe!”

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